#024 – Reflection on Season 1 and Roundup Best Episodes

Hello beautiful people! I wanted to check in this week, and talk to you about the progress of the podcast, as well as give you a roundup of the best episodes based on the feedback that I have received. I hope you’re staying safe, and you and your families are well. ❤ 

01:00 – Thanks to you, my listeners, we have reached more than 1,100 listeners in 29 countries!!! Canada accounts for 40%, the US about 20%, and the remaining 40% are spread around the world. You are all amazing ❤ 

03:00 – Being an adult third-culture kid, how it has influenced the podcast, and why it’s important to rate the podcast and share it with others

[I wanted to see people like me – Michaella

07:35 – What I learned from Season 1 from being a recovering perfectionist to just going for it 

[The challenge with planning is that you can only draw from the information that you have at hand – Michaella

13:00 – Help me find a gender neutral term for “guys/ladies”, and more on how a personal brand can help open opportunities 

16:00 – How I need your help with Season 2, join the Facebook group to give me your insights, and share your thoughts on the topics that are discussed in the group 

21:15 – Roundup of the best episodes 

Identity and self: 

#005 – Fabiola on Recognizing Important Moments and Leveraging Them to Build

#012Sarah Somian on living a slow life where we listen to our intuition…

#019Mo on Cultural Curiosity and Finding Joy in the Unexpected

[There is a need for people to be real again – Mo


#004Kiga on the Art of Mastering Storytelling

#020CQ on Small Wins and How They Push Us to Greatness

[Don’t service today at the expense of tomorrow – CQ]


#021 – Zuwa on Embracing Our Agency and The Courage to Act Now

#009 – Moses on How Following Your Heart Continuously Builds into Something Greater

#014 – Imanzi on Becoming a Servant Leader

[We can use what we have, however little, to get a lot of what we don’t have. And along the way we are helping people, we are being happy, we are creating change, inspiring other people and living life to the fullest – Moses]


#001Gisele on How Technology Can Help Change the World 

#018Sophina on Cybersecurity and Empowering Other Young Women

[Always remember that yourself in 20 years is relying on you to be smart right now, relying on you to work hard and to be diligent. Hustle in the way that feels right for you – Naomi]

What did you think of the episode? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments, and if you liked it – share it with your friends 🙂

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In the meantime keep striving, keep thriving, and keep shining!


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