#014 – Imanzi on Becoming a Servant Leader

In this week’s episode, we are speaking with Imanzi Kayitare. We chat about his work as a public servant, how he is always involved in some form of community building, and what inspired it all. Enjoy 🙂  

01:45 – Imanzi introduces himself, his background, and how he started being involved in the community 

06:25 – Why politics are important, and the value in being involved and navigating these spaces

12:20 – How Imanzi started his career in government and how he kept discovering and growing throughout the years

[Start with your community, start with what interests you and you will find plenty of opportunities to get involved – Imanzi]

20:15 – On joining non profit boards, and what he is learning from them 

29:00 – How Imanzi’s parents’ involvement in the Rwandan community led to his own involvement 

38:50 – His work with the Casa Foundation Friends of Africa Economic Development Summit, and how that’s a way of contributing to the African continent

45:45 – My awkward question on how Imanzi identifies as Rwandan-Canadian and how he embraces both 

54:00 – How I’m learning to be Canadian and Imanzi reassuring me that all is well (lol)

58:00 – What keeps him motivated to keep pushing in his endeavours 

64:00 – Advice to his younger self and others, as well as his plans for the next couple of years 

Since this episode was recorded, Imanzi has now launched Rwandapreneur, a project to amplify Rwandan entrepreneurs. You can also find them on Instagram and Twitter

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Last but not least, if you are interestered in joining a board of directors, you can visit onBoard Canada

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In the meantime keep striving, keep thriving, and keep shining!


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