#006 – Fabiola on Recognizing Important Moments and Leveraging Them to Build – Part 2

In Part 1 last week, we spoke about who Fabiola was, what drives her, and how a spark was ignited when she arrived in Montreal. For this episode, join us as we learn more about what she does in her day to day life, her work with Oxfam Québec, as well as tips and tricks on how to take care of ourselves.

1:00 – Fabiola explains what it means to be an organizational health consultant, what she does in her day to day, and how it helps her reassess her life

09:30 – How managing the finances of her organization impacted her own relationship with money

11:45 – Living with dyslexia has made her realize we all learn differently, and that she’s not bad with math

15:30 – Her work with youth boards, and how we can leverage the resources of larger organizations to achieve our community goals

20:00 – On the importance of us being involved in all types of spaces, and recognizing that we bring a lot of value

[As we enter new spaces, we can leave the doors open and encourage each other to join]

26:30- Advice and lessons learned

31:00 – Fabiola’s 5 year vision including art and creativity, and how we both made a plan for Year 31 ❤

[I can do anything that I want, but I cannot have everything! What is the work that I need to do within myself, that will prepare me for the world? – Fabiola]

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In the meantime keep striving, keep thriving, and keep shining!


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